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A candid and spontaneous expression of powerful feelings that run throughout​ the narrative. An open and frank description of beautiful scenaries keep the reader glued to whole narration till end.

The Grumpy Doctor

With plenty of photos filling my SD card, it was the smallest feature that began to fascinate more as time went on. Nothing could be more pleasant than knowing that I can choose to go from the funny and noisy videos of Ruqaeya and Hussain to the peaceful scenery above and around the motel.
Throughout the month of July, Ayesha Mubasher (my stage-mom, best friend and colleague), Iqra Jami, Aneela Illyas, a couple colleagues of mine and I took full advantage of our days off from our work to explore parts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir via a series of day trips. The rivers, waterfalls and valleys of Kashmir are a sight to behold with their jagged and impressive mountain peaks. Photographs did not do justice to the majestic beauty laid before our eyes.
We found Muzaffarabad to be a visual treat and a delight with a lot of fun…

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