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Being Politically Incorrect on Kashmir

Unlearning By Doing

What angers when I think about Kashmir is the silence around it. I know people talk about it. But the narrative in mainland India is so frighteningly lopsided, that we refuse to call a spade a spade. Those who normally take radical positions on issues also refrain from commenting. Political correctness dictates sympathy towards armed personnel serving under difficult conditions.

Warning: The aim of this post is not to judge the difficulties of military service in a volatile area. It is to state the facts which have been distorted and obscured in the media and mainstream liberal discourse, let alone the jingoist right chest-thumping. I do not wish to consider the geopolitical and strategic ramifications of Pakistan or China’s interests in Kashmir. My concern is with the ordinary people who live there who are unable to live normal civilised lives.

Media reporting on Kashmir, under the same conditions in any…

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